Three UK zero rates NHS video consultation service for all customers

Three UK today announces it has launched zero-rating on NHS video consultations provided by Attend Anywhere, so that customers can attend virtual outpatient appointments without eating into their data allowance.


In response to COVID-19, the NHS has been undertaking a rapid rollout of video consultations via Attend Anywhere in England, Scotland and Wales to help reduce face-to-face outpatient appointments in NHS hospitals.


With the majority (70%) of patients using the Attend Anywhere service currently using their mobile phone for video appointments and consultations lasting an average of 20 minutes, today’s news means that Three customers will not see their allowance impacted by using the service. This also means that customers who haven’t any data allowance remaining are able to use the service.


This applies to all of Three’s more than 10 million customers, even if they are on data tariffs on monthly contracts or pay-as-you-go. This has become even more important as outpatients are typically older and less likely to have access to broadband* and larger data tariffs.


Robert Finnegan, Chief Executive Officer, Three UK and Ireland said: “The NHS and its staff are doing an incredible job on the frontline of the fight against Coronavirus. We are happy to support them and our customers in being able to access video consultations regardless of whether they have data allowance or not.”




* The ONS internet access survey 2019 indicates that almost 25% of over 65s had not used the internet at home over the past three months. 

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