Three UK expands number of zero-rated websites to further support customers during cost-of-living crisis

Three UK today announces that it is zero-rating seven websites that offer financial advice and guidance, furthering its support for customers of Three during the cost-of-living crisis.

From today, customers on Three’s mobile network will be able to access StepChange, Business Debtline, National Debtline, Citizens Advice, Money Advice Plus, Money and Pensions Service and Money Helper without being charged for their data.

These websites are in addition to eight zero-rated charity websites that Three’s customers already have access to: Samaritans, Refuge, National Domestic Abuse Hotline, Rape Crisis, GALOP, NSPCC, Women’s Aid, Male Survivors Partnership and Survivors Trust.

The zero-rating of websites is aligned with Three’s commitments to supporting vulnerable individuals in communities across the country.* Earlier this year, Three donated 1 million GB of data to the UK National Databank, which is run by Good Things Foundation and is committed to tackling issues of data poverty. The donation will help an estimated 40,000 digitally excluded individuals get connected through local community groups across the UK.

In addition, Three continues to partner with Samaritans connect 1 million people to emotional support. By leveraging its technology and retail footprint, Three is supporting Samaritans to extend their reach, using the Three network and brand to encourage those struggling to speak up and seek help.

Three customers who are struggling to pay their bill are encouraged to contact Three’s customer service line by calling 333 free 7 days a week so they can discuss their options with a customer service representative.

Three UK’s Chief Commercial Officer, Elaine Carey, said: “Expanding our list of zero-rated websites ensures that all our customers are able to access financial advice and guidance whenever they may need it. Alongside our work with Samaritans and Good Things Foundation, this extends our commitments to support vulnerable individuals in communities across the country during what is an increasingly difficult time.”

Phil Andrew, CEO of StepChange, said: “We are pleased that Three has recognised the essential work we do to support people across the UK. In making our website free for customers to visit, it ensures everyone is able to benefit from our vast range of advice at a time when many are feeling the impact of rising prices. We look forward to working with Three’s customers to offer help and guidance to ease their financial concerns.”


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