Clear your drawers for a good cause

We may not like to admit it, but we’ve all got one – that lonely drawer in your home where miscellaneous objects go to die. Today new research from Three reveals the extent of the problem, as it’s revealed that 80 % of Brits have owned up to having a “drawer of cr*p”, which we wait an average of six years to clear out.


To mark National Spring Cleaning Week, research by the mobile phone network reveals that Brits just can’t help hoarding away items they’ve long forgot, with the top contents of our drawers of cr*p revealed as batteries (69%), Sellotape (66%) and chargers and plugs (63%). The network also found that 57% of us have old phones lying around at home and, while 70% of us say we’ll use these items again one day, the research reveals that this isn’t the case. 

That’s why today Three is calling on the nation to clear out their “drawers of cr*p” and donate their old or unused phones to someone who needs a helping hand as part of its UK-wide Reconnected scheme. Even though we’re a nation of confessed collectors, we’re also a nation of do-gooders, with 65% of us saying we give our items such as clothes, DVDs and home ware to charity after a clear out. That said, more than one in five  (22%) Brits aren’t aware of recycling options for old phones, making today timely and important!

Today, Three is giving Brits a reason to have a rummage and pass on their old mobiles to a good cause. Partnering with charities and organisations such as housing association the Hyde Group and the Good Things Foundation, which helps people build digital skills, the Reconnected scheme allows Brits to take those unused phones and give them to less advantaged members of the community, such as those who are at risk of homelessness and looking for work, people who have just left the military or victims of domestic abuse. Those using the donated phones are also given three months’ free access to the Three network to help them on their way.

Three has teamed up with ‘How Clean Is Your House’ star Aggie MacKenzie to encourage Brits to clear out their drawers of cr*p. The TV star said: “These results revealing that eight out of 10 of us have a guilty drawer of hidden mess aren’t surprising – it seems to be a household staple – and whilst its contents can be of use, there are items in there that would be better used by someone else. This is where this Reconnected scheme is a fantastic initiative. Not only does it make us Brits look at the content of our clutter a little differently and do a good deed, it helps those members of the community that need access to a phone and the internet get back on their feet. During this week, I’m urging people to clear out their clutter and donate their old phones to Three.”

Celina Benedict, Responsible Business Manager at Three, said: “Three is on hand to help make sure that through the Reconnected scheme more phones are being recycled to help bring connectivity to people who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity. Handing over an unused phone is a small gesture that can make a huge difference and we’re delighted to be working with Aggie to highlight what a big difference people can make by making such a small change – clearing out their ‘drawer of cr*p.”

From today, all Three stores across the UK will be accepting old mobile handsets and working with its partners to help less advantaged members of the community. Simply pop into your local Three store, pick up a freepost envelope and post your old phone to give someone who really needs a helping hand.  To find your nearest Three store, visit




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