Three switches on 5G today: 5G is in the house

Maidenhead, UK. Monday, August 19, 2019: Today Three switches on its 5G service, the first stage in building the UK’s fastest 5G network. Set to revolutionise people’s homes, the introduction of Three’s new, high speed 5G Broadband in London means customers can simply order a 5G ‘plug and play’ hub with optional same day* delivery, to immediately transform their connected home experience.

With one single 5G plan at £35 per month for truly unlimited data in the home, the 5G service will shake up the broadband market entirely. 5G will mean customers can cancel their landline and instantly access fibre-like, ultrafast speeds compared to what the average UK customer currently obtains using traditional, fixed broadband services.

The 5G ’plug and play’ hub means no digging up roads or lengthy waits for an engineer to set up a landline connection either. Customers can simply plug in the device and away they go – instant access to superfast streaming and connection in the home. So streaming multiple 4K football games or movies, playing the latest online games, or just staying in touch through clear, uninterrupted video calls is a breeze. Three’s 5G Broadband keeps you connected.

Also, if you move house you can literally unplug it and take it with you**. So putting up with slow connections, stuttering pictures and lingering loading bars are now a thing of the past.

Three 5G Broadband tariff details:

  • One single 5G plan with truly unlimited data, £35 per month
  • 12 month contract 
  • Same day delivery for £20, next day delivery free

Dave Dyson, CEO at Three, said: “Three’s 5G is going to revolutionise the home broadband experience. No more paying for landline rental, no more waiting for engineers, and even a same day delivery option. It really is the straightforward plug and play broadband that customers have been waiting for.

“We’ve taken a simple approach with one single truly unlimited data plan to give customers the opportunity to fully explore 5G and all its exciting possibilities. The ease and immediacy of it all means  home broadband using 5G is going to be key to the future of the connected home.”

Clifford Harris from Kings Cross, London, is one of the first to have signed up to Three’s new 5G Broadband service after being part of the initial customer trial. He said: “I was lucky enough to be part of the initial trial and I was blown away with the results. I was able to send very large files and work from home with ease as if I was in the office. It meant I could work really efficiently and rather than having to upload documents overnight, I could actually just go and make a cup of tea.”

Recently, Three announced that it will be rolling out 5G across 25 cities in the UK by the end of the year and that all of its 10 million customers will have access to 5G at no extra cost. Customers will be able to access 5G once they have a compatible handset and in a 5G area, and coverage will continue to expand throughout 2020 and beyond.

Three‘s customers will benefit from the vast 5G capacity, reliability and speeds that only Three has access to, due to the amount of spectrum (airwaves) it owns. Three is the only UK network that has 100MHz of contiguous spectrum that supports ultrafast speeds and enables a better customer experience of the power and potential of 5G.

To celebrate the launch of Three’s 5G Broadband, designer Henry Holland and Director of Immersive Experiences Connie Harrison have combined forces to create the ‘Living Room of the Future’. An immersive mixed reality experience delivered via Magic Leap augmented reality technology fuelled by 5G that is available to see at Three’s flagship store at 297 Oxford Street, until November 2019.

To be one of the first to get Three’s 5G Broadband in your home, visit

to check your postcode area is live and purchase online or in-store.


Notes to Editors

*Same day delivery at an extra cost of £20
**As long as you are in a 5G home broadband area

About Three
Three launched in 2003 as the UK’s first 3G only network, laying its foundations as the network that was born to be different. Today Three is a connectivity company that connects people to people, people to things and things to things and has more than 10 million customers.

An average Three customer uses 3.5 times more mobile data than the industry average and its network today covers 99% of the UK population. It has the highest Net Promoter Score (NPS) of any of the mobile network operators at +19, alongside +24 for its Employee NPS.

Three also has the UK’s leading 5G spectrum holdings with more than the rest of the industry combined. Three is the only operator able to meet the International Telecoms Union (ITU) 2020 standard for full 5G services. It will launch its first home broadband service this August with a commitment to deliver 5G to 25 towns and cities by the end of the year.

Three was voted the Best Network for Data at the Mobile Choice Consumer Awards, as well as Best Network for Roaming by uSwitch, and the Best High Street Retailer at the Mobile Industry Awards.

Three UK is part of the CK Hutchison Holdings Ltd group of companies which has mobile operations in 11 countries. We employ more than 4,800 people across our offices in Maidenhead, Glasgow and Reading and our 326 retail stores.

Connie Harrison – Director
Connie specialises in creating immersive theatrical experiences with a recent focus on integrating spatial computing. Last summer, Connie directed the show, Somnai, a game changing new format that mixed theatre with immersive tech and multi-sensory elements. This spring she co-created and directed a three-day immersive theatre experience in the Arizona desert for H&M and also produced the world’s first mixed reality catwalk for Central Saint Martins for LWF.  Previous to that she was at Punchdrunk Theatre and also spent many years in brand entertainment creating partnerships with the arts and culture sectors.

All Seeing Eye – Developers
All Seeing Eye’s work stretches screen to stage, incorporating virtual reality, mixed reality, projection mapping, 360º film, motion capture and game design. They collaborate with organisations and artists from broadcast, film, theatre and opera to explore the possibilities emerging technology can bring to more traditional forms of storytelling and experiential marketing.

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