Three brings free 0800 calls to SIM-only plans

  • New SIM-only plans include free 0800 calls while other 08 calls will cost 5p per minute
  • Tools introduced to help people manage spending and usage


Three has launched new SIM-only plans, offering customers free 0800 calls, with other 08 numbers, like 084 and 087 costing just 5p per minute.

The plans also include a number of spending tools, including the ability to set limits to stop customers going over their minutes allowance and spending limits on expensive numbers.

Customers will also get more choice in the amount of data they can have as part of their plan, and can easily change plans to one with increased allowances, if they find themselves talking or using more data than expected.

Combined, these features are designed to ensure people can enjoy their devices while avoiding bill shock.

There is a choice of data allowances: 500MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB and all-you-can eat data, so people can find the right bundle for their needs. Personal hotspot is now supported in every new SIM plan, with customers on all-you-can-eat data plans able to enjoy a 4GB personal hotspot allowance.

Three plans to introduce a 4GB data allowance to new contract handset plans next year, as well as increasing the personal hotspot allowance included in new all-you-can-eat data plans from 2GB to 4GB.

Announcing the new SIM plans, Three’s Marketing Director, Tom Malleschitz, said: “People want choice and control so they are able to enjoy their devices without worrying about bill shock. These SIM-only plans give them exactly that.

“They’ll also benefit from free 0800 numbers and with Feel At Home customers can use the internet and call and text home while in Australia, France, Italy, the USA and twelve other countries out of their UK allowance.”

Notes to Editors

  • 0800 and 08 calls


All 0800, 0808 and 0500 calls are free for customers on our SIM-only new plans, while other 08 numbers (like 084 and 087) will cost 5ppm. 0800, 0808 and 0500 calls sit outside of a customers’ voice minutes allowance, so they can make as many calls as they like to these numbers.

  • Available allowances and indicative pricing


New contract customers will be able to choose between 1 or 12 month plans and five different data allowances.

1 Month Plans

Data Voice Minutes
200 mins 600 mins AYCE Mins
AYCE Data £18 £21 £26
4GB £18 £21
1GB £13

12 Month Plans

Data Voice Minutes
200 mins 600 mins AYCE Mins
AYCE Data £15 £18 £23
4GB £15 £18
2GB £10
1GB £10
500MB £7
  • Spending controls and alerts


Customers can opt to block spending on calls outside of their allowance and/or spending on chargeable events that sit outside of their allowance – like chargeable calls and texts and competition lines.

These blocks can be changed up to 8 times per month through My3 – Three’s online account management system. Customers can make further changes by contacting the Contact Centre.

Customers will receive alerts when they have used 80% and 100% of their data allowance and when they have 20 voice minutes remaining in their allowance.

  • Flexibility


If customers decide they need more data or voice minutes, they can move up to any larger allowance and keep their existing contract end-date by calling customer services.


  • Personal Hotspot


Personal hotspot lets customers connect their laptops or other devices to the internet using their mobile data.

Customers with 500MB, 1GB, 2GB and 4GB will be able to use all of their data allowance for personal hotspot. Customers who choose an all-you-can-eat data allowance will be able to use up to 4GB of this as personal hotspot allowance.

  • International roaming for SIM-only customers


If you’re new to Three and have a new Pay Monthly SIM plan with us, you won’t be able to use your SIM abroad for the first 30 days of your contract.


Contact information.

Name Three Consumer PR Team
Phone 020 7234 9150


About Three

Three is a communications company. We are focused on challenging the industry to make mobile better for everyone.

We want to give customers a quality mobile experience and address the industry issues that frustrate them.

We were the first UK network to introduce all-you-can-eat data and offer 4G at no extra cost. We let customers roam abroad with their domestic bundle for no extra charge and do not charge for calling 0800 numbers.

We continue to look at ways of improving the experience we offer our customers.

Three carries over 45% of the UK’s mobile data. Our 3G network covers 98% of the UK population.

We launched 4G in 2014 and plan to have 50 cities and 200 towns covered by 4G by December 2014. By the end of 2015 98% of the population will be able to access 4G through a combination of new sites and deploying new spectrum.

Three is a member of the HWL group of companies, with investments in mobile operations in Australia, Austria, Denmark, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Macau, Sri Lanka, Sweden and Vietnam.

Three employs over 4,400 people across its offices in Maidenhead, Glasgow and Reading and its 345 retail stores.

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