Swap desks for deckchairs this summer by using the power of Three, the UK’s fastest 5G network

  • When it comes to work, two thirds of Brits (67%) are itching for a fresh perspective, keen to work from somewhere other than their home or office
  • However 82% say a need for a strong internet connection is keeping them tethered indoors
  • Three is launching a fully connected 5G workspace on Margate Beach to highlight that with the right network, you can create the ultimate work/life balance


Reading, UK. Thursday, August 5, 2021: During the past year and a half we have witnessed significant changes to our lives, especially around the traditional ‘9-5’ working day.  Today, for a majority of Brits, remote working is fast becoming the new normal. While this offers many benefits, new research from Three has found it also presents a new set of challenges, including an elongated work week and a reliance on connectivity, leaving many with no option but to stay indoors.

A majority (66%) of Brits say that working from home has had a positive impact on them – however just under half (48%) said that it has impacted their mental health as result of feeling stuck indoors (35%), less connected to colleagues (34%), and finding it harder to switch off (25%). It is therefore unsurprising that two thirds (67%) of Brits are open to a change of scenery in search of a more inspirational working set-up (48%).

Three is therefore encouraging the UK to get outside and explore inspirational, new locations this summer to create the ultimate work/life balance through the power of its network. Nearly half of Brits (47%) say getting outside is what helps to keep them motivated, but when it comes to getting work done, they’re stuck indoors due to the need for connectivity.

As remote working looks like it’s here to stay, Three is proving that with a reliable network, people can clear their inboxes while still enjoying the physical and mental benefits of the great outdoors. This new research coincides with the launch of Three’s ultimate 5G connected workspace, right on the beach in Margate where workers are invited to work on their presentations while they work on their tans.

The pop-up beach hut and surrounding deskchairs will be available for a week from today, August 5 until August 11. It is free for anyone that turns up and is fully kitted out with everything you need for a home-away-from-home office. 82% of people stated that connectivity was key to keeping them tethered to their homes but here you can experience Three, the UK’s fastest 5G network in action. So you can enjoy being outdoors without worrying about being unable to stay on top of your work.

With 99% connectivity outdoors and the fastest 5G in the UK, Three customers can experience the freedom of working from their most inspiring locations freeing them from the shackles of their work areas at home.

Aislinn O’Connor, director of marketing for UK and ROI at Three, said: “A majority of us are still trying to settle into this new approach to working life.

“Reliable connectivity is the key to us being able to unlock everyone’s perfect work/life balance. The strength of our network provides our customers with the confidence to get outdoors this summer and find new locations to inspire and motivate them at work. Whether it’s the beach, the dales or the coffee shop around the corner, we will keep you connected so you can happily work and play.”

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