Inspiring Careers – Alistair Lowe

We have a new series, Inspiring Careers, where we are celebrating the uniqueness of an individual’s career journey. From sharing stories that inspire to igniting the spark of curiosity, join us in discovering the different ways people have shaped their careers at Three UK.

This week we are talking to Alistair Lowe, Sponsorship & Brand Activation Specialist in our Commercial team.

What did you see yourself doing for a job, growing up?

I always wanted to have a fun and exciting job that I enjoyed doing every day. As a child, I was convinced I’d be a judge on Britain’s Got Talent – not sure why – but the thought of it really excited me! Fast forward a few years into secondary school – I learnt more about Marketing through Business Studies, and I immediately connected with it. From about the age of 13, I knew I wanted to work within the world of marketing and had my sights set on it.

Tell us a bit about your background before Three

My professional experience started throughout university with various internships and part-time marketing roles alongside my studies. I graduated in July 2021 with a BA (Hons) in PR, Marketing & Events and immediately joined a 2-year Customer Operations graduate scheme in the Telecoms industry. Despite not aligning entirely with my creative interests, the experience was valuable and presented amazing opportunities for learning and development. Midway through the programme, I decided I really wanted to work within Marketing and sought a creative role. Due to the structured nature of the graduate scheme, I was unable to shift roles internally so I began exploring external options, which led me to finding an incredible role at Three.

When did you join Three and what has your path been here to date?

I joined Three in July 2022 and have enjoyed every moment since! Starting in the Customer Communications team, I led the creative execution of Three+ email, SMS, and app comms. If you’ve received a push notification from the Three+ app in the last 15 months, that came from me! Working in Customer Comms was enjoyable and rewarding, marked by milestones like driving Three+ growth, redesigning email templates, and testing new capabilities. In this dynamic role, I learned so much and grew significantly in such a short space of time. Now, I’ve moved onto a new role in the Sponsorship & Brand Activation team, working on all things festivals. It’s a super exciting time to be joining the team as we begin planning for 2024 and releasing presales to our Three+ users.

Did you see your career path unfolding the way that it has so far?

Not at all! Back in September 2021, I expected to complete my graduate program and stay with that company for at least two years. However, I’m grateful for the decision I made, as it significantly accelerated my career growth. Now, I’m in a role I love, at a company I love, working with amazing people. Working at Three so far has provided incredible opportunities for learning and development for me. I’m confident that my career is on the right path, aligning perfectly with the goals I envisioned years ago. Loving your job is so important, and I can genuinely say I enjoy every day at Three.

Who in our business inspires you and why?

My previous line manager in Customer Communications, Kim Virdi. Kim utilises her wealth of marketing and business knowledge to develop and inspire her team. She really embodies our brand and core values, consistently illustrating their significance. It’s Kim’s commitment to customer experience that I find truly inspiring — she consistently goes the extra mile for positive outcomes. I learnt so much from my time in her team and I can’t thank her enough for introducing me to the business and always encouraging me to the best I can be.

What advice would you give to our graduates?

Seize every opportunity and take responsibility for your career path and goals. If you’ve got an interest in a certain area, explore it! Reach out to colleagues in that area and find out what skills and experience you’ll need to get into that world. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain. This is your time to explore options and make a strong start to your careers.

What’s the best piece of career advice you’ve ever received?

The best piece of career advice I’ve ever received, though seemingly obvious, has stuck with me: “always ask questions.” While it may sound simple, it has proven invaluable, opening up new opportunities and conversations. If there’s anything you’re unsure about or interested in, I have learned, just ask! Early in my career, I hesitated to ask questions, thinking I might be bothering others or should figure things out on my own. However, this approach hindered my growth. Asking questions is crucial – there’s no such thing as a silly question.

What motivates you at work?

Delivering positive outcomes and experiences for our customers, every day. Working on Three+ over the last 15 months has been so rewarding. From weekly £1 coffees to exclusive perks at top UK festivals, it’s incredible to be a part of the team that helps to deliver rewards to our customers. Also, the people here at Three are the best! I’ve had the pleasure of working with amazing individuals who are all motivated to achieve the best and collaborate to make it happen. We work hard, but there’s also a lot of fun along the way.

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