Hologram House: World’s First 5G Holographic AD

Three unveils world’s first holographic ad on the South Bank

  • Londoners get a glimpse of their connected 5G future
  • Internet superstars bring to life the possibilities of Three’s real 5G
  • Featuring London new music sensation, RAYE

Thursday 26 September 2019: Giving the public an exciting glimpse of the future, Three UK has unveiled the world’s first holographic 5G ad today, to celebrate its game changing high speed 5G Broadband. In collaboration with some of the UK’s hottest new talent – whose careers have been shaped by the internet – the event brings to life the impact of Three’s ‘real 5G’*, as well as the possibilities of advertising and entertainment together.

The electrifying original content takes four internet stars and turns them into supercharged CGI avatars, in a mind-blowing new 5G world. The holographic show demonstrates the revolutionary change that 5G will have through a series of metaphors. London music sensation, RAYE is seen DJing at heightened speeds that is a world away from slow streaming; internet gaming star Vikkstar battles buffering symbols at lightning speed; whilst football freestylers Liv Cooke and Andrew Henderson showcase 5G with stunningly quick footwork to signify limitless downloading speeds.

RAYE, music artist, said: “When I create music, I want it to be something that’s electric, new and gets people excited. I want to work on things and create sounds that have never been heard or done before and that’s why I was drawn to this project. Being part of a 5G world first with Three powered by my music is insanely cool and it’s not every day you can say you’ve mixed the sound of the future.”

The ground-breaking holographic 5G ad appears from a live house installation on London’s South Bank and will be available to see until 22:00 on Saturday 28 September. In a world-first, it combines 3D video content and holographic projection, in a way which has never been seen before.

The innovative advert celebrates Three’s high speed 5G broadband, which is set to transform how we consume media and entertainment. 5G has the potential to change people’s lives, and with one single 5G plan at £35 per month for truly unlimited data in the home, Three’s launch of the 5G service is already shaking up the broadband market. 5G will mean customers can cancel their landline and instantly access ultrafast speeds.

The world’s first holographic 5G ad was conceived by Three and Gravity Road, and created by volumetric and 3D capture studio, Dimension. Having been at the cutting edge of volumetric capture since its launch, Dimension successfully delivered the world’s first use of volumetric capture during a live broadcast performance by Madonna at the Billboard Music Awards 2019. Media planning to promote the experience is being managed by Mindshare and PR support from PrettyGreen.

Chase Armitage directed the mind-blowing holographic 5G ad, who is renowned for capturing ‘superhuman’ movements and has over ten years of experience shooting and editing, with over 100 productions and over 40 million views to date.

Part of Three’s wider marketing strategy for 5G, the holographic experience builds upon its recent Phones are Good brand campaign, as well as the supercharged 5G ‘living room of the future’ experience, in collaboration with designer Henry Holland, currently at Three’s flagship store on London’s Oxford Street.

Shadi Halliwell, chief marketing officer at Three, said: “Three 5G Broadband is revolutionising the way we game, stream and live our lives. Working with some of the UK’s hottest new talent – whose careers are powered by the internet – has helped us create a ground-breaking holographic experience today, giving Londoners a glimpse of the new 5G world. At Three, we are building the UK’s fastest 5G network and are committed to delivering a ‘real 5G experience’ for our customers.”

Chase Armitage, director of the world’s first holographic 5G ad, said: “When I’m filming, I want people to feel every move. For me a good film is not just telling a story, it’s about taking the viewers on a journey. It’s always exciting to try new technologies and techniques, and 5G is once again pushing the boundaries of what is possible in content creation. This was a great project to be a part of and makes me incredibly excited about what is possible in the future, essentially becoming a more and more immersive experience.”

The public can view the trailblazing content from today until Saturday 28 September between 19:30-22:00, at Southbank, 58–72 Upper Ground, Gabriel’s Wharf, London SE1. Content from the immersive experience can also be viewed on Three’s social channels on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

For more info about Three’s 5G Broadband visit www.three.co.uk/store/broadband


Notes to Editors

Suggested image caption: London music sensation, RAYE, at the world’s first holographic 5G ad to celebrate Three’s high speed 5G Broadband.

 Notes to editors:

* Three is the only network to have 100MHz of usable spectrum, the recognised standard required to deliver a full 5G service. Supported by a world’s first cloud-core and state of the art network, this spectrum advantage means Three is uniquely placed to provide its customers with access to technical 5G capabilities that are made possible by 5G data speeds and reliability – the real 5G experience. For further details see www.three.co.uk/real5G

Full Creative Credits
Three Team

Laura Wilkinson-Rea – Head of PR and Social

Verity Henderson – Consumer PR Lead

Rachael Courtney – Social Strategy Lead

Hannah Wolff – Social Creative Lead

Gravity Road Team

Mark Eaves – Founder

Seb Royce- ECD

Jo Osborn – Operations Director

Max Lowe and Max Lom-Bor – Creatives

Anoushka Schellekens and Curtis Reeve – Designers

Kate Pirouet – Senior Producer

Agnes Szyperek – Producer

Alex Preece – Head of Publishing and Influence

Morgan Clark – Publishing and Influence Manager

Sophie Christiansen – Account Director

Flora Lenon – Senior Account Manager

Dimension Team

Steve Jelley – Executive Producer

Lead Producer – Adam Smith

Post Producer – Chris Frausig

Sarah Pearn – Production Manager

Adrianna Polycn – Volumetric Lead

Clement Castanier – Lead Animator

Ojars Saulitis – VFX Lead

Andreas Hopen – 3D Artist

Debs Leunig – VFX Artist

Andrej Kilimov  – VFX Artist

Walt  – VFX Artist

Hannah Winn   – VXF Artist

Sam Jeba  – Animator

Mark Pinheiro– Compositor

James McCavana – Motion Graphics

Projection Artworks

Trevor Nichol, Senior Production Manager

Jackson Tayler, Technical Director

Scott Millar, Technical Consultant

Rosie Broughton, Project Director

Gravity Road executive creative director, Seb Royce said: “Three UK’s 5G home broadband will take gaming, video content and music to the next level. We wanted an equally future-facing way of bringing that to life, so we created a mixed reality installation that brings together volumetric capture and holographic projection for the first time. The result is a genuinely unique live viewing experience as well as some awesome looking content.”

Dimension Joint Managing Director, Steve Jelley said: “5G is bringing virtual entertainment and 3D holographic performance into our homes and cities, enabling us to enjoy shared mixed reality experiences that are straight out of science fiction. This is the first time volumetric capture has been projected holographically in this way, and Dimension have been thrilled to work with Three and Gravity Road in bringing the future to life.

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