Day in the Life – Elliott Kempton

As part of our new ‘Day in the life’ series, we’re interviewing employees of all levels, across all areas of the business to learn a bit more about them and how we all work together here at Three.

Today we’re getting to know Elliott Kempton.

Vital statistics:

  • Name:  Elliott Kempton
  • Job Title: Customer Communications Specialist
  • Function: Retail Comms – People and Customer Experience
  • Tenure: Around 13 years (over 2 stints)

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I live in Norfolk with my beautiful wife Sam, 3 amazing boys, Ollie, Ethan and Leo, plus our little sausage dog, Duggie. I enjoy football, golf and skiing, although golf is the only one I partake in more recently!

I started with Three as a CA in Kings Lynn way back in 2007. I worked through the ranks (and across pretty much every store in Area 11)  up to store manager. I did think the grass was greener and left to manage a pharmacy, but realised my misjudgement and returned just over 5 years ago.

You’ve recently been seconded from retail to retail comms – how are you finding the new role and what does a typical day look like?

I am absolutely loving it. It sounds cheesy, but I feel that I’ve found my place. Rea, Ify (plus Sam and Dan before they ditched us) were so welcoming and really helped me get into the swing of things quickly.  I do miss my old team and parts of being in store, but I genuinely love what I am doing now. It has been an eye opener as I never realised how many people are involved behind the scenes, in making all the amazing things happen. Everyone who I have collaborated with has been brilliant and really supportive. Day to day, I get to create content for all the fun things, such as Employee benefits, Three+, Internal Social Media to just name a few. I have the freedom to let my personality come through in my comms and I am always encouraged to be creative.

What is on the cards for the next quarter of 2022 in your world?

The big ticket items coming up for me are with Friends and Family, Refer a Friend, some even more exciting bits with Three+ and updating some of the current hubs on the intranet. With its new look, we have even more ways to make our content engaging and appealing. We also have a really exciting Retail app that is very close to a full launch so I cannot wait for that!

How have you found coming into the Green Park office?

The office is amazing. So much thought has gone into all the different work spaces. Whether you need a meeting room, quick catch up or some quiet for a teams call, you are sorted. I’ve also had the opportunity to meet lots more people and a chance to put faces to names that you see on teams.

How have you found Hybrid working now we’re back in the office?

I am really enjoying the hybrid working. I did think that I would miss people when working from home as opposed to being in store. But I have found it to be the opposite as I am probably interacting with even more people than I was in store. With all the different calls I need to attend, preparing for the comms I need to share. My team also has a daily check in via Teams to just ensure everyone is feeling good and to have a catch up. When I am in the office, it is great to get to meet and network with so many other across all the different departments. And as I have already mentioned, seeing people in person and putting faces to names that you see on teams.

 Give us a fun fact…

When I was 4 years old, I had an audition to be the Milky Bar Kid. Unfortunately, I fluffed my lines, otherwise the milky bars would have been on me!

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