Three installs the UK’s first permanent live 5G installation at CSM

Three launch world’s first 5G mixed reality catwalk at

London Fashion Week featuring Lennon Gallagher

  • Three has installed the UK’s first permanent live 5G installation at world renowned arts college, ahead of London Fashion Week, to help transform the future of fashion, art, design and performance
  • Upcoming designer Gerrit Jacob is seen fitting model Lennon Gallagher with his mixed reality collection that reflects his inspiration, all fuelled by Three’s superfast live 5G network, which will appear in Friday’s world first mixed reality catwalk
  • Lennon Gallagher will also lead the mixed reality collection at London Fashion Week’s MA show at Central Saint Martins on Friday, February 15
  • From March, customers can experience the world’s first mixed reality catwalk in its flagship store, Oxford Circus, the only store in the UK which is 5G enabled

Three’s 5G network will debut at London Fashion Week to fuel the world’s first 5G mixed reality catwalk with the hotly anticipated Central Saint Martins MA Fashion show featuring world-renowned model, Lennon Gallagher. The opening collection of the show, created by one of the upcoming designers Gerrit Jacob, uses innovative Magic Leap spatial computing technology alongside Three’s 5G network, which will see the designer’s inspirations come to life on the catwalk and will remain installed for future use by the students.

The collection is an eclectic and colourful interpretation drawn from the 80s gaming arcades and fairgrounds scene, and this first experience of 5G brings these iconic themes visually to life in front of the fashion elite’s eyes, as they are truly brought into the mind of the designer.

The launch marks the UK’s first permanent consumer-facing 5G installation and is part of Three’s long-term creative partnership with Central Saint Martins.  This will see the college’s 5,000 students accelerate the convergence of fashion, art, design, performance and technology. This includes the creation of a bespoke design-focused 5G laboratory featuring IOT (Internet of Things) hardware and other connected tech, to enable students to express their creativity in new ways through AR, VR and cloud computing. The creative collaboration will also give students the ability to create 5G enabled concepts and products to revolutionise the future retail store experience.

The evolution of 5G is predicted to transform everyday life based on its superfast speeds and low latency. It will enable VR live broadcasts, connected transportation, manufacturing, energy, security, smart city applications, environmental applications and a wealth of other wireless possibilities both inside and outside the home.

Shadi Halliwell, chief marketing officer at Three, said: “Today we are turning up the volume on 5G and bringing it to life for the first time in the UK, right here in the heart of the fashion world.  By giving students access to the next generation of mobile technology, they will be able to push the boundaries of learning, innovation and sustainability to create in a way that’s never been possible. 

“This is the first glimpse of the future and as we progress our roll-out throughout the next year we will see how it will affect and change everyday life for all our customers.”

Jeremy Till, head of Central Saint Martins College, said:The future of design and fashion is intrinsically linked with the evolution of tech and we are seeing more and more disruptive and innovative technologies shaking up the way the design and fashion industries operate.

 “Our students are already picking up on the latest technologies and incorporating it in their work and the collaboration with Three’s 5G will turbo-boost this engagement with technology. We are sure that the ongoing relationship with Three will put our students at the forefront of long-term trends in design and fashion. It is an enormously exciting collaboration for both parties, and one which will allow our students to speculate on yet unheard possibilities in the creative use of 5G.”

Greg Furber, senior creative at REWIND, said: “5G allows us to deliver next-generation immersive experiences. It removes current limitations, allowing imaginations to run wild. The ultra-fast connection 5G provides enables off device rendering, synchronised experiences, and a whole host of other exciting possibilities. 5G unlocks the full potential of AR, MR and VR.”

Designer Gerrit Jacob, said:My nine-piece collection was born out of a love for the retro, eccentric and wonderfully weird inspired by my experiences living in Hamburg. I’ve weaved in Three’s 5G fuelled mixed reality technology to create something exceptional for the catwalk and it is an honour to debut it with Lennon Gallagher in Friday’s London Fashion Week MA show.”

Connie Harrison, director of immersive experiences, said: “Magic Leap gives us the ability to create digital effects that interact with the real world, live. It’s something a lot of people won’t have experienced before, and that feels exciting. Gerrit’s inspiration for his collection is very personal to him, but actually it’s something that will resonate with a lot of people. For me, the best mixed reality is one that pays attention to real and virtual, making them work together to create the illusion.”

Three will be capturing the world’s first mixed reality catwalk on Instagram – @threeuk – on the night.

From March onwards, customers can experience a taster version of the world’s first mixed reality catwalk in its flagship store, Oxford Circus London, the only store in the UK to be 5G enabled.

Suggested image caption: Lennon Gallagher will model the world’s first mixed reality collection fuelled by Three’s 5G on Friday, February 15, 9.00pm at London Fashion Week’s MA Show at Central Saint Martins and is seen being fitted by upcoming designer Gerrit Jacob.

Condensed photo caption:

Lennon Gallagher modelling the world’s first mixed reality collection fuelled by Three’s 5G ahead of London Fashion Week


Notes to Editors

All media enquiries to be directed to Three’s Press Office / 0207 490 3449

About Central Saint Martins

Central Saint Martins, UAL is internationally renowned for the creative energy of its students, staff and graduates. Its educational reputation across art, design and performance is demonstrated by the ever-growing achievements of its alumni.  MA Fashion has an outstanding reputation sustained over three decades consistently establishing its influence on British fashion and globally through the careers of alumni that include Alexander McQueen, Alister Mackie, Charles Jeffrey Loverboy, Christopher Kane, Christopher Shannon, Craig Green, Halpern, John Alexander Skelton, Kim Jones, Matty Bovan, Mary Katrantzou, Masha Ma, Molly Goddard, Rejina Pyo, Richard Quinn, Sander Lak/Sies Marjan, Simone Rocha and many others.

Central Saint Martins is part of University of the Arts London (UAL) along with Camberwell College of Arts, Central Saint Martins, Chelsea College of Arts, London College of Communication, London College of Fashion and Wimbledon College of Arts.

About Gerrit Jacob

Gerrit’s collection is a colourful, visual narrative drawn from the world of bleak suburbia including arcade games, bowling alleys and fairgrounds. Starting with an examination of German working-class identity, his references range from funfair imagery, goalie masks, school uniforms to stuffed animals. Skull and tiger motifs, key symbols in his work, were drawn specifically for the collection by his close friend, Pierre-Louis Auvray, and will be brought to life within Three’s 5G fuelled Magic Leap experience.




REWIND is an Emmy nominated immersive content studio with a passion for VR, AR, MR, and beyond. By fusing bleeding-edge technology with award-winning creative storytelling, REWIND leads the way in innovative content creation and delivers immersive experiences for the world’s largest studios, agencies, and brands.

About Connie Harrison

Connie specialises in creating immersive experiences particularly using spatial computing.  Last summer, Connie directed the show, Somnai, a game-changing new format that mixed theatre with immersive tech and multi-sensory elements.  Previous to that she was at Punchdrunk Theatre.

About Sennheiser

Sennheiser worked in close collaboration with Magic Leap to develop the new AMBEO AR One in-ears and the AMBEO Augmented Audio Lab companion app to create the perfect complement to the Magic Leap One Creator Edition.The AMBEO AR One in-ear phones enable spatial computing developers and creators to craft experiences where real-world sounds blend with virtual audio, while securing their focus and control in the process.

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