AT&T offers streamlined IoT solutions in the UK

AT&T* has agreed with Three Group to resell Three UK wireless services. Through this, AT&T will offer its global business customers in the U.K. localized contracting and billing for wireless voice, data and SMS services. This comes as part of the ecosystem for Internet of Things (IoT) services. IoT services will include fleet management, asset tracking and other consumer and industrial IoT solutions. 

AT&T customers based in the U.K. or with operations in the region will benefit from:

Flexibility to execute local contracts in the U.K.

Local billing and seamless bundled connectivity solutions end to end.

Industry-leading IoT applications without limitations of non-local agreements.

“We’re seeing a growing demand for IoT solutions from global businesses in Europe. AT&T is now able to deliver IoT with a simplified process in the UK,” said John V Slamecka, region president EMEA, AT&T. “It’s part of our strategy to remove complexity and offer seamless IoT solutions to our customers around the world.” 

“AT&T is helping to solve the challenge that businesses face in launching products and services in multiple countries,” said Lynda Burton, director, Three Wholesale. “Our collaboration will rapidly address the forecast 155m IoT1 connections in the UK using the Three network that has consistently proven it can deliver a high quality, fast and reliable data experience.”

Key facts about Three UK

Three UK’s 3G and 4G LTE network:

Covers 99.5% of the U.K. population and more than 90% of the U.K.’s landmass.

Carries over 32% of the U.K.’s mobile data traffic.

Has more than 3x the industry average of data per subscriber, making it ideal for high bandwidth IoT applications like connected cars.

Has consistently rated the best network for data by UK mobile users. 2

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