Three UK partners with Internet Matters for ‘My First Device’ campaign this Christmas

Three UK and Internet Matters today announce their latest internet safety advice campaign, ‘My First Device’, as part of their ongoing partnership.

Both Three UK and Internet Matters will be sharing information across their websites in order to provide essential advice to parents and guardians who are setting up their child on their first smartphone, laptop, games console or tablet.

With details on how to prepare, set up and manage a first device, the campaign hopes to ensure children can explore, learn, and play safely this holiday period.

Aislinn O’Connor Marketing Director, Three, said: “Christmas is often a time when children receive their first smartphone, laptops and tablets. But putting the internet at their fingertips can be concerning for parents and guardians. When used safely, the online world can be a limitless resource of fun, education and empowerment. This is why Three is working with Internet Matters this festive period to provide adults with the latest advice in order to ensure their children can safely enjoy the many benefits a device can bring.

“My First Device forms part of our ongoing partnership with Internet Matters, which we established in 2019, to provide resources to build a safer mobile world for the younger generation.”

Ghislaine Bombusa, Head of Digital at Internet Matters said: “We understand it can be a daunting time for parents when their child gets their own connected device for the first time, but with the right tools, guidance and steps it needn’t be.

“At Internet Matters children’s online safety is of paramount importance and by working with Three UK on this campaign, we can help empower and educate parents together so children can safely benefit from all the online world has to offer.”

The information is live on Three’s blog for all parents and guardians –

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