Three UK Network & IT Update

The new network technology will use the UK’s leading 5G spectrum portfolio with 100MHz of contiguous 3.4-3.8GHz spectrum which is required to meet the ITU’s standard for 5G in combination with the world’s first fully virtualized cloud core network with Nokia. See below for more detail on this month’s network and IT enhancements.

Network and IT systems testing ramps up.

Last month, we told you how our new Nokia Cloud Core network had started staff testing. This month, we have increased the amount of users on our new core network as we build up towards a full staff trial of tour new systems.

The combination of the new systems will mean.

  • Faster time to market – Our customers will be able to enjoy new products even faster thanks to the agility of the new network
  • Selfservice – Customers will be able to serve a lot more of their needs through the Three app.
  • Capacity and cost efficient – it can support the growth in mobile data in a cost-efficient manner

This is a huge milestone in our transformation programme and means that we have network traffic flowing across entirely new systems ahead of customer rollout later this year.

Another 5G site live in Central London and first 5G handsets revealed

Our 2nd live 5G site in Central London went live in February with Central St Martins joining our flagship store in Oxford St as live testbeds. As part of a two-year partnership with CSM, we powered the world’s first mixed reality Fashion show using Magic Leap goggles to bring designs to life as models including Lennon Gallagher walked the catwalk

We expect 5G services will start rolling out to our customers in H2 2019 and we have partnered with Huawei to bring their 5G phone to our customers.

Electronic Communications Code

Last year, the government reformed the Electronic Communications Code, a piece of law which governs the relationship between landowners and mobile operators. The reforms were intended to allow mobile operators to rollout connectivity in a more timely and cost-effective manner.

We are pleased that a recent court ruling over rents between Three and a site owner confirmed rental costs at a more reasonable rate than that offered by Three.

The judgement has confirmed the more reasonable rate and we are pleased that progress has been made towards implementing the code. However, more work by government needs to be done to ensure that the intent of the reformed code is fully realised either through new and additional guidance from government (in relation to site share and upgrades) or further legal precedents.

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