Three UK joins campaign to Fix Britain’s Internet

Three UK has joined the Fix Britain’s Internet campaign for better broadband for UK consumers. 
The campaign calls on consumers to respond to Ofcom’s consultation on the future of Britain’s national broadband network, Openreach, and push the regulator to structurally separate BT and Openreach.
Three UK carries nearly half of all the UK’s mobile data traffic and has led the take up of the mobile internet in the UK. Three UK customers currently use 5.4GB of data each month, compared to 2GB in 2013. 
The continued success of the mobile internet relies on a competitive broadband infrastructure market that provides choice and independence. However, the current system does not deliver this. 
Three UK has called on Ofcom to structurally separate BT and Openreach as this is the only measure that will deliver genuine competition and prevent BT from favouring itself.  
David Dyson, Chief Executive of Three UK, said: “We have always focussed on providing the best mobile data experience and we are passionate about ensuring everyone has access to a high quality internet connection. 
“Ofcom should play a crucial role in ensuring UK consumers fully benefit from the digital revolution yet Ofcom has allowed BT to accumulate close to 50% of the airwaves that are key to the mobile internet as well as dominating the fixed broadband market.

“For over a decade, Ofcom has failed to introduce a fair system for customers to switch their number and the UK not only lags behind Europe but the rest of the world to the detriment of UK consumers. 
“Consumers want genuine choice and it is vital they make this clear to Ofcom, so it can make bold decisions on issues like Openreach, spectrum and switching in the face of huge pressure from big incumbents to keep the status quo.”


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Three carries 39% of the UK’s mobile data. Our network covers 98% of the UK population.

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