Three Mobile Share Top Tips On How To Squeeze The Most Out Of Your Mobile Phone

Three UK has released five ways for Brits to make the most of their mobile phones, as more than two thirds of UK adults say they are actively looking for ways to reduce their monthly outgoings

Three UK has released top tips to help support customers get the most from their mobile phones as households brace for the increased cost in living.

New research from the UK’s Fastest 5G Network* has revealed that 69 per cent of Brits have been actively looking for ways to reduce their monthly outgoings. Three’s tips have been released with the support of Consumer Expert, Alice Beer, to help the public get the most out of their mobile phones.

The new tips aim to offer consumers advice and support using their mobile phones, as the research suggests that Brits find it helpful when brands share how they can reduce their spending (72 per cent).

Consumer Expert, Alice Beer, adds: “We are all looking to make the most of our outgoings, that includes making the most of our mobile phones: From apps that help us keep track of spending and incoming bills, to making the most of our data and enjoying some of the perks that come with our contracts.

Your mobile phone can also help. There are lots of apps available which can help you track your spending and ensure that you’re sticking to a monthly budget. These apps are available at just the click of a button and can help reduce any stresses when it comes to your monthly outgoings.”


Do your research and see what perks are up for offer, as many companies offer loyalty and reward schemes for existing customers. Not only could these save you money, but they could also offer you a well-earned treat too.


For example, Three customers can download the Three+ app, which will allow you to choose from a range of money-saving offers and rewards including £3 weekend cinema tickets, 20% off UberEats and two mains for just £10 at Frankie & Benny’s.


No Wi-Fi? No worries. Turn your phone into a Personal Hotspot, which uses your phone’s data to set up a Wi-Fi connection. You can then connect other devices to that connection so they can access the internet. A good way to make the most of your existing data allowance when Wi-Fi and broadband are unavailable.

Alice Beer adds: “If you’re unable to connect to Wi-Fi at home, remember that you can hot-spot another device from your phone. Check first that you have plenty of data left but it can be more affordable than heading out to your local coffee shop to connect to Wi-Fi and buying a couple of cappuccinos.”


Try to avoid answering (or returning missed) calls and texts from unfamiliar numbers or contacts, which could incur unexpected costs. Sometimes numbers are internationally based, so can lead to additional charges to the customer, simply by returning the call. If you are concerned report it to your mobile network.

  1. CASH IN

Trading in your phone or buying a refurbished one from your provider is going to be a much cheaper option than buying a new phone. Look out for the phone recycling or trade in schemes that are available as you can get cash back for your old devices or money to put towards the price of a new one.


Despite tough times, There are still ways you can give generously and make a difference without spending money. Some mobile networks have schemes to help people in need. Three’s Reconnected programme works with several incredible charities, repurposing old phones and giving them to disadvantaged people, along with six months unlimited data, calls and texts on Three to help them get reconnected and back on their feet. So go through your drawers and dig out any old phones to donate.

Three have also teamed up with the UK National Databank, powered by Good Things Foundation, to help support and connect Ukraine’s displaced people by providing free mobile data to those seeking refuge in the UK.

Andrew Foy, Director of New Products and Propositions at Three UK, said: “More than ever, we understand that the phone in your pocket can be your lifeline – keeping all aspects of your life in order. We want to support our customers to get the most out of their phones and are proud to be teaming up with Alice to offer a few helpful hints and tips during this time. There are lots of ways that customers can maximise their contracts, from perks and schemes to unlimited data and 5G.

Whether we’re out and about or staying at home, everyone deserves fast, reliable mobile connectivity, to keep us connected to the people and things we love.”

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