Three launches one of a kind club for TV bingeing Brits

As a nation, our love of binge watching knows no bounds. In fact we are currently devouring our favourite shows at a faster rate than ever before. The thing is: once you’ve raced through an entire season in one sitting, where can you go to discuss what you’ve just experienced with other like-minded bingers? The answer is the ‘Binge Club’ from Three: a live, interactive online show for bingeing Britons to indulge in spoiler-filled conversations, discuss fan theories and continue satisfying their series fix after the final episode.

Each show will be hosted by a different fan-favourite social influencer. Like the modern-day equivalent of the classic book club, Three’s Binge Club will bring together enthusiastic bingers across the UK to enable a no-holds barred conversation about hit programmes of the moment. If there’s one thing binge watchers like almost as much as watching shows, it’s talking about them.

The first Binge Club will centre on the Netflix original, Stranger Things 2 and be hosted by YouTube sensation Wall of Comedy, who will lead a lively discussion on the latest plot developments and craziest fan theories around the latest season. The catch, however, is that it will air on the evening of October 31st, just days after the entire series of the heavily anticipated show first premieres on Netflix. This means those tuning in to the Binge Club will all need to have already watched the new season in its entirety if they want to avoid any spoilers.

Three’s Binge Club is inspired by one of the largest studies into the nation’s bingeing habits to date in which it was revealed that a whopping two-thirds (67%) of us admit to having devoured an entire TV series in a single-sitting*, with one in five (21%) saying that bingeing is now the only way to watch our favourite shows. This comes as Netflix announced the discovery of ‘Binge Racers’, who make their way through their favourite series within 24 hours of a show’s launch.

The phenomenon has even edged itself into our everyday lives, with 29% of those polled by Three saying they watch programmes to feel a part of conversation with friends and family. But these new behaviours come with a watch-out, as 26% of us say that spoilers can be a concern when it comes to discussing shows in day-to-day life, meaning the launch of Three’s Binge Club  (which will unite equally eager binge watchers that have watched every episode of the season in focus) arrives at just the right time.

Binge Club from Three will continue to satisfy the collective appetite of the binge-obsessed British public, following on from the launch of its unique Go Binge service – which allows customers to stream from selected services, including Netflix, without it counting towards their monthly data allowance – earlier this year.

Georgie Carter at Three said: “For decades, fans of novels have had a place where they can meet up to discuss, debate and delight in what they’ve just read: the book club. However, there hasn’t really been an equivalent for TV shows, beyond online forums, and in this golden age of TV, where shows create more discussion and influence popular culture like never before, that really needs to change. The Binge Club is that change: providing an almost immediate outlet for binge watchers to continue debating shows long after the credits roll in a unique, interactive and hugely enjoyable environment.”

The first episode of ‘Binge Club’ with Stranger Things 2 is due to go live on 31st October. The full trailer for the show can be viewed here –

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