Three launches ‘Cinema for Ghosts’ to premiere new horror spoof


The world’s first cinema screening for ghosts took place last night, with several spectres floating up the dead carpet to enjoy the world premiere of Three Mobile’s new spoof horror picture.

The unique open-air cinema made only for ghosts was built in Pluckley, Kent (the UK’s most haunted village) in the spooky shadow of St Mary’s Church, an 11th century ruin. The screening proved to be a hit with various supernatural guests that haunt the local area according to expert medium Pauline Mason, whose job it was to invite visitors from the spirit world to the cinema.

The supernatural screening took place to premiere Three’s new #makeitright horror-themed short film featuring the LG G4 smartphone, inspired by The Blair Witch Project. In the short film Three takes on a whole new approach to unveiling the top features of the LG G4. Three’s ambassador, the loveable purple puppet Jackson, heads into the woods with his friend Steve to road test the new phone, but they get much more than they bargained for as the spooky woods come to life in a terrifying way. The film can be viewed here:

Among the apparitions that were believed to have attended the world’s first cinema for ghosts were 18th century highwayman Robert Du Bios, who haunts the nearby Screaming Woods, the Watercress Woman of Pinnock Bridge, the Red Lady, who wanders the grounds of a church yard, and an unknown man in a long robe and hat.

Medium Pauline Mason, one of the UK’s leading psychics, commented: “As a medium I’m often required to communicate with those from the other side. However, this is the first time I’ve invited spirits to a cinema that’s been created just for them. The concept might sound silly to some people but it was incredible to feel such a strong energy and presence at the screening. I believe there were several spirits in attendance and drawing closer, which we were actually able to monitor using electromagnetic field. I just hope they enjoyed the film!”

Lianne Norry, director of brand and communications at Three, commented: “This short film sees us take a phone review to the next level, to not only showcase the great benefits of the LG G4 on Three but also to entertain and catch the attention of the audience, with something completely fresh and new. For that reason we wanted to premiere it in a weird and wonderful way and what better way to do this than with the world’s first film screening for ghosts and ghouls.”

To view Three’s latest film for the LG G4, visit:


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