Three goes double on data

Three launches new set of great deals for customers

It may feel like this time of year is all doom and gloom, but Three has some news to cheer Brits up! The mobile network is going data mad and offering customers double the amount of data they would usually get for their money from 1st February.  More data means more freedom to post about long-forgotten ‘New Year, New Me’ goals, Instagram fluffy pets and frantically try to get involved in overcrowded Whatsapp group conversations.

The new deal, which covers a range of 12 month SIM, 24 month smartphone and mobile broadband tariffs, is available to new customers and existing customers who want to make an extra saving for themselves or anyone else in the household.


If you already have a handset you’re happy with and just need a new SIM to get started, you can get 4GB for the price of 2GB on our 12-month 4GB data and all-you-can-eat minutes SIM-Only Essential plan for just £11 per month.

Samsung S7

If someone in your family is looking to snap up a new Samsung device, this is the perfect time to join the party as the brilliant (and water-resistant!) Samsung S7 can be purchased with 4GB of data for the price of 2GB and AYCE minutes on a 24 month Essential plan for £33 per month and £29 upfront.

Samsung Galaxy A3 and A5

The all-new Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 and A5 are also included in this deal, with 4GB data for the price of 2GB and AYCE minutes for a bargain price of £25 a month and £27 respectively on a 24 month Essential plan. Samsung’s latest models are stylish enough to stand out from the crowd and won’t break the bank.

Huawei P9

The Huawei P9, a fantastic handset with ground breaking dual lens technology, is available with 4GB of data for the price of 2GB and AYCE INSERT minutes at £25 per month and £29 upfront on a 24 month Essential Plan. Customers looking for all the trimmings can opt to go for a 24 month Advanced Plan and grab 8GB for the price of 4GB and AYCE minutes at only £31 per month and £29 upfront.

Huawei Mate 9

Data lovers can even get their hands on Huawei’s latest offering, the hotly anticipated Mate 9, with an introductory offer of 4GB of data available for the price of 2GB with AYCE minutes on a 24-month Essential Plan for just £32 per month and £99 Upfront. A 24 month Advanced Plan is also available under this offer, with customers having the option of 8GB for the price of 4GB with AYCE minutes for just £41 per month and £29 upfront.  The Mate 9 is packed with an impressive battery life and huge 64GB of storage.


Anyone who was lucky enough to receive a new tablet at Christmas might be on the lookout for some new data options having burnt through all their data watching the latest Netflix shows, and the good news is that customers can get a huge 20GB for the price of 10GB from only £15 per month on SIM plans for Mobile Broadband.

This offer is available between 1st Feb and 23rd March for SIM only and contract handset plans. For details on all available tariffs be sure to visit

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