Three and comedian Adam Kay combine to produce world’s first Emojis comedy set

To celebrate the fastest growing language in the UK, Three has created the
world’s first comedy set written entirely in Emojis, and will showcase
the jokes in-store over the opening weekend of the Edinburgh Fringe

This brand new comedy set was written and translated into Emojis for Three by multi-award winning comedian, Adam Kay, who has had numerous sell-out tours and Edinburgh Fringe Festival sets.

Award-winning comedian and seven time Edinburgh Fringe sell-out Adam
Kay said “Every time I gig abroad – whether it’s France or Finland – I always try to do some material in their native tongue, so I’m getting pretty used to translating jokes… But Emoji is probably the hardest language I’ve ever had to tackle. There’s over 20 symbols for clocks, but no symbol for “the”. Still, hopefully these classic jokes make sense…

Emojis are clearly a crucial part of culture and communication today – in a few years there’ll probably be whole Edinburgh Fringe shows just in Emoji form. *confused face*”

Adam Kay’s Emoji Comedy Set

Knock knock

Who’s there?

Doctor Doctor Who?

Great TV show!






What did the bee say to the flower?

Hi honey!




Doctor, doctor, I feel like a shoe

Stick out your tongue




How does a footballer start a computer?

Boots it up





Which prize is silent?

The no-bell prize




What do you call a tree in your hand?

A palm tree




What clothes does a house wear?




What drink does a dancer like?

Tap water




To #MakeItRight for those missing out on the Fringe Festival this year, Three is offering a little bit of the laughter and fun by showcasing the jokes at its Edinburgh store over the opening weekend of the Fringe Festival, between the 7th and 10th of August.

The special pictorial one-liners will be displayed on a digital screen in the store window, with the English translation accompanying them to cater for the less Emoji-fluent passer by.

Three will also be sharing these great Emoji jokes on social media via @ThreeUK so people can join in the fun and share with friends.





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