Snapchat X Three Puggerfly campaign

Three introduces Puggerfly – the world’s first AR Snapchat pet created to celebrate Snapchat’s addition to Go Binge

Three has added Snapchat to its range of services offered as part of Go Binge so customers can snap, chat and share to their heart’s content, without using their data allowance

Three knows that on Snapchat its customers want to spread their wings and enjoy being the social butterflies they are, which is why its added Snapchat to its popular Go Binge offering. Now customers can chat to friends, explore new stories and snap away to their heart’s content without it using any of their monthly data allowance.

To celebrate the new addition to Go Binge, Three has revealed Puggerfly – the exclusive star of its latest TV campaign and the world’s first augmented reality (AR) Snapchat pet. The adorable, squishy faced, purple-winged pug, embodies all things social and fun.

Delivering a dose of daily doggy cuteness, Puggerfly will feature as the world’s first ever storytelling lens. It allows users to access different consecutive lenses in seven days to nurture and love their Puggerfly as he grows from a fun little ball-chasing, rainbow-pooping puppyfly right through to a fully-fledged flying Puggerfly. Snap’s 12 million UK daily active users will be able to interact with the animated dog no matter what network they are on. Like a real dog owner, users can feed Puggerfly treats, play ball with it, enjoy sloppy dog kisses and even watch it twerk to dance music.

As well as being the first AR pet, Puggerfly will also be personalised to its owner with their Snapchat profile name. Puggerfly is designed to encourage users to do more of what they love – and to enjoy the freedom and fun of social interaction on mobile.

Shadi Halliwell, Chief Marketing Officer at Three UK, said: “We have always been famous for encouraging people to share all types of content with friends and family as it’s such an integral part of everyday life. We also know that our customers love chatting, creating and sharing pictures or videos on their mobiles and the fact our customers use more than three and a half times more data on our network than any other, is testament to this.

“Therefore, we have worked in partnership with Snapchat to introduce the world to Puggerfly, who represents the powerful freedom you can experience through our Go Binge offering where data has no limits.  You can literally go snap and express yourself to your heart’s content as you nurture puppyfly into Puggerfly. We are giving the UK a taste of the freedom and fun that our customers enjoy all the time on Three.”

Claire Valoti, Vice-President of International Sales at Snapchat, said: “We believe a picture tells a thousand words and I’m delighted that Snapchatters on Three are now free to unleash their creativity and live in the moment without worrying about their data.

“Millions of people play with augmented reality every day on Snapchat and we think they’ll adore Puggerfly. Each day they’ll find a new Lens in the carousel that day-by-day builds their relationship with their new AR pet over the course of a week. It’s the first time a brand has used multiple Lenses in this way to tell a character-driven story and we think it’s very powerful.”

Snapchat is the latest addition to the Go Binge service that allows users to watch and listen to popular services including Netflix, TVPlayer, Apple Music, SoundCloud and Deezer, without eating into any of their limit.

Puggerfly will launch on Snapchat on April 26, 2018 and will be available to all UK Snapchat users for seven days, whatever network they may be on, with a new lens experience revealed each day. If you miss any of the exclusive lenses then you can still get hold of them via the Snapcodes that will be incorporated into the UK wide advertising and media campaign.

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Notes to Editors

For more information please contact Three’s consumer press office on:

Notes to editors:

The exclusive Puggerfly lens’ will be available to all Snapchat users from 26.04.18 for 7-days. They will then all be available to access via snapcodes that will feature across the advertising and media campaign

  • Snapchat will be available to Three customers that have Go Binge, on 12GB+ Advanced Plans and existing customers that have Go Binge activated already on a 4GB Advanced Pla
  • There are a few firsts to note. Puggerfly is Snapchat’s first AR pet, the first Lens to go to sleep and the first Snapchat game with In Real Life reward. It’s also the first time in the UK that a sponsored Lens has been personalised or used hand recognition technology.
  • To find out more about Snapchat on Go Binge see

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