Scroll & Stitch – Three UK and Nick Grimshaw launch new ‘Mobile Crochet’ kits for TV fans, so you can hook, while being hooked on your favourite show

To celebrate the start of the new series of Gogglebox, sponsored by Three, the mobile network and Nick Grimshaw, Celebrity Gogglebox star, have unveiled a guide to crochet your own phone holder so you can stitch as you tune-in to the latest episodes.

While we’re a nation of TV lovers, many of us are looking at what new crafty skills we can learn from our sofas, as we enjoy watching the latest drama unfold. Keeping ourselves entertained with our eyes, ears and hands all at the same time, 69% are looking to learn a new hobby this year, according to a new study commissioned by Three, a leading mobile network.

Keeping one eye on the big screen and another on our handheld devices, over 47% of Brits admitted to using their phone to learn a new hobby. For Gen Z, crochet is the new scrolling, as nearly half of Gen Zs (45%) already know how to crochet.

Enjoyed by Gogglebox cast members past and present, the nation has found a common thread as Crochet was voted one of the UK’s trendiest hobbies to watch TV to. Over a third (36%) use social media to look at crochet designs by other people, and 17% have even found friends through crochet.

Needing time to detox from a busy day, Brits are turning to arts and crafts activities such as crochet as it makes them feel calm (39%), a sense of achievement (31%), and keeps their hands busy (27%).

Celebrity Gogglebox cast member, presenter and Crochet newbie Nick Grimshaw has teamed up with Three to teach the nation how to crochet, so you can stitch and relax to your favourite show; – just follow the guide here He said ““Crochet’s got a new fan. Can’t wait to lie around at home watching the new series of Gogglebox and follow Three’s step-by-guide to crochet so I’m putting my phone time to good use!”

But the need to look at our screens when we’re watching TV isn’t new, on average we reach for our phones at least 8 times during a 30-minute show. From Sensertainment where we entertain our eyes, ears and hands at the same time, to looking up actors, to checking the accuracy in events from a show or looking at your phone to avoid an awkward scene also known as, Duck and Scroll.

Aislinn O’Connor, Marketing Director at Three said: “As second screening has become second nature whilst watching TV, at Three we have discovered we are a nation of multi-taskers, using connectivity to unlock a world of possibilities. We are seeing our relationship with our phones and tablets evolving – making them the perfect companions to learn new techniques and hobbies from the comfort of our living rooms.

“I’m looking forward to trying my hand at Mobile Crochet, whilst tuning in for the new series of Gogglebox tonight – the ideal Sensertainment!”

For more information and Three’s guide to Mobile Crocheting, visit

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