Reconnected supports Providence Row, a charity supporting homelessness

We recently made a visit to Providence Row, a charity supporting people affected by homelessness. Based in East London, the offices provide immediate and ongoing support to their clients during the week, ranging from those who are homeless, suffering substance use issues, mental health issues, domestic violence trauma. The list sadly does go on.

Founded in 1860 by a young Catholic priest, Providence Row was set up to provide shelter for the poor in Victorian London times; their mission through to the present day is to tackle the root causes of homelessness to help people get off and stay off the streets.

The team members we met were pragmatic and clearly driven to help make a change, every day presents new or repeating challenges, and they make sure to debrief together at the end of the week, ensuring their own mental health is supported. And whilst Three UK’s Reconnected scheme comes into play further into the journey of Providence Row’s clients, we wanted to learn more and share the work that this incredible charity does, the difference they are striving to make and how are able to proudly support them.

More than just a hot meal

While we were there, we saw and learned about the schemes they offer to their clients, consisting of not just emotional support and signposting but providing in-house training courses, in gardening and cooking, that help build skills and gain accreditation for their futures. This gives their clients a sense of purpose, achievement, and in many cases the very first time they have achieved an official qualification.

In addition, they offer a much-needed IT and digital skills course, helping their clients move to the modern-day world where technology becomes a must to upskill themselves. It’s easy to forget just how intrinsic a device is in our day to day lives and how without one, how isolating and difficult certain things can be.

Our impact

Recently we provided several handsets to Providence Row that had been donated through our Reconnected scheme and we’ve already had some heart-warming feedback about how they have been used and the impact they have had.

As one of the client case workers told us: “The client I am working with is homeless, has no Recourse to public funds and is not allowed to work in the UK. He is linked with an immigration advisor who is supporting him with his immigration status. I provided him with a new phone and data as he lost an old phone. Having a smartphone and access to the internet allowed him to access his emails, news, social media etc. He can stay in touch with his family who live abroad so he doesn’t feel so isolated. He can also access media, news, and entertainment that positively affect his mental health and help him to occupy his time. Most importantly, the supporting services can contact him. The phone positively impacted his well-being and improved some aspects of his life.”

The devices are mindfully given to clients, to ensure that they are used correctly, and as part of the right stage of their journey.

The device, in its simplest form, allows Providence Row to stay in touch, to ensure appointments are attended and support is available if they need it.

Another client case worker told us “My client has really benefitted from receiving the phone and data to help progress and engage in our support. He can log in and access his benefits claim independently, without needing to come into the day centre to use our laptops, meaning the risk of him being without income is decreased. We can also stay in contact with updates for each other and I can pass on his number to external agencies such as lettings agents, meaning he has autonomy in arranging and attending flat viewings without me being involved. It has been a huge help for him to move forward out of his current homeless situation. The phones have also helped with clients who like to listen to music or watch TV/films in their own time to help keep them occupied.”

A huge thank you to Providence Row for their time and for providing us with some feedback about the devices that we have provided. It really does show what a difference one phone can make.

To find out more about the incredible work that Providence Row are doing, please visit their website here:


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