Reconnected: Spotlight on LetsLocalise

Earlier this month, we relaunched our Reconnected programme, enabling disadvantaged people to get connected. We’ve seen a great response to the programme so far, having successfully paired dozens of handsets with new owners to support their digital journey.

It’s a real team effort between those who donate handsets, the role that Three plays as well as our charity partners who work to make this happen.  We wanted to shine a spotlight on each of the three charities that we are working with who help to make everything possible and tell you more about them. This spotlight is on LetsLocalise.

Who are Lets Localise?

A digital social platform with a network of over 600 schools and 100 businesses, LetsLocalise aims to provide the best educational opportunities to students across the country through innovative features that nurture and sustain community development and engagement. In the last two years, LetsLocalise has already impacted the lives of over 50,000 students, and they are well on their way to fulfilling their mission of empowering a million students.

How we are working together

Since 2019, we’ve helped schools get connected and have provided essential devices to teachers and students. We’ve also helped students to better understand and access STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) careers through the work, especially supported by our Women@Three employee network.

LetsLocalise is helping us provide devices and connectivity to some of the most disadvantaged pupils in the UK and through Reconnected, we’ve already provided devices, along with 6 months Unlimited data, calls, and texts on Three, to St Francis Xavier Catholic Primary School.

St Francis Xavier said “Covid numbers have meant that parents and carers have not been able to come to the school safely yet. With bereavement due to Covid affecting members of the school’s children as well as staff’s families, the children need to take pictures to be able to share their learning with families, as well as practice learning on different apps. We are happy to report that we are potentially supporting 226 students with this offering of devices, which is great.”

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