Oh Scrolly Night!

Christmas lunch is usually the centrepiece of the big day, however new research from leading mobile network, Three UK, suggests one fifth (19 percent) of Gen Zs would rather give up turkey and all the trimmings than their precious mobile phone on Christmas Day.

The study, carried out by the UK’s Fastest 5G Network*, revealed that connectivity plays a vital role in our festive celebrations, with broadband access (41 percent) and phones (38%) making the nation’s top five Christmas Day essentials – a must-have when almost a third (30%) of Brits say they have five or more devices connected to their broadband over the festive period. Chocolate (48 percent), Christmas films (43 percent) and crackers (42 percent), were also on the ‘Nice’ list.

When it comes to phone trends at Christmas, the research found Brits are opting for new yuletide favourites, as almost a third (30 percent) would rather miss out on a festive tipple than be without their phone. This is followed by a ‘White Christmas’ (22 percent) and one in five Brits (18 percent) willing to forgo the much-loved ‘pigs in blankets’ for their mobile.

After analysing its network usage in recent years, Three also saw how the nation is tapping into Christmas and using their phone on Christmas Day finding that 10am is when we’re making the most FaceTime calls, which is 10 hours earlier than December’s average peak time of 8pm.

With mobile phones such an integral part of the big day, Three has created a timeline of how the nation uses their phone on Christmas day finding that noon is the time we press play on Christmas classics and it’s love at frost sight at 11pm, which is the ultimate time that Brits are swiping Tinder.

To help everyone live their best phone life this Christmas, Three has teamed up with festive fan, Joe Swash, to share his Christmas essentials and offer some helpful tips.

Joe said, “Christmas is HUGE in our house and our phones play a big role on the big day! We love playing games together as a family on Christmas Day, particularly the one where everyone puts their phones to their heads, and you give clues to guess the card. I’m also the designated cook and get inspiration from looking up recipe videos online. I love having my festive playlist – I make sure everyone’s got their favourite Christmas song on there to keep up the festive spirit.

“Apart from my phone to help me with a range of things throughout the day, my Christmas Day essentials are Christmas slippers and PJs, chocolate on tap, turkey and festive films.”

There’s a lot to look forward to this festive season, with half of the nation (48 percent), saying that they are most looking forward to spending time with family and friends this Christmas. This is followed by relaxing (41 percent), switching off from the real world for a day (31 percent), and watching Christmas films (30 percent).

Three’s top tips for living your best phone life this Christmas:

  • Set up Christmas Day games the night before: With PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo networks dominating the top three apps that see the biggest uplift on Christmas Day, level up and install new consoles and games the night before you gift them to avoid any long software updates and to maximise your fun and gaming time.
  • Feel connected on Christmas video calls by adjusting your camera angle: Give your loved ones that extra connected feeling by placing your phone camera at eye level, which helps to emulate eye contact rather than positioning it high up. FaceTime peaks at 10am on Christmas Day so let the festive cheer shine through with your decorations and festive lighting in the background as well as your best Christmas outfit.
  • Post at 7:15pm on Christmas Day to get the most views: Spent ages setting up that picture perfect Christmas image? Instagram usage peaks at 7:15pm so posting around this time will give you the best chance of your followers seeing your festive content.
  • Perfect your Playlists: With music streaming peaking at noon across Christmas Eve to Boxing Day, get prepared with a curated playlist beforehand using your streaming apps to find new Christmas bangers to help bring in the festive cheer and ask your friends to share their own festive playlists so you don’t miss a beat!
  • Bag a Boxing Day bargain before 12:15pm: Three’s network usage sees shopping apps peak at 12:15pm on Boxing Day so to make sure you bag yourself that bargain, add your items to basket and purchase ahead of this time to avoid the online rush.

Aislinn O’Connor, Marketing Director at Three UK said: “At Christmas, phones are our lifeline – whether it’s buying gifts, streaming festive playlists, keeping in touch with friends or sharing pics on your family group chat. Our research shows just how integral connectivity has become in our lives – particularly when we’re prepared to sacrifice the much-loved Christmas dinner! At Three, we are committed to helping our customers stay connected to the people and things they love, creating meaningful connections and special memories over the festive period.”

For better connectivity, delivered in time for Christmas, Three is launching its Winter Sale this week with amazing deals across broadband and phones. For more information visit www.three.co.uk/offers/latest-offers

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