New MiFi – available now on Three.

Three customers will experience significant speed improvements compared to the existing award-winning MiFi. Whilst Three had anticipated that it would be 40 per cent faster, independent test results announced today by USwitch, reveal that it is in fact up to 50 per cent faster than previous models. These figures are set to increase even further as Three ramps up its upgrade programme and rolls out the HSPA+ 21.1Mbps standard across its high-speed 3G network.*

A natural evolution from the previous model, the E586 MiFi provides fast, secure Wi-Fi for tablets, laptops and handheld games consoles at the touch of a button. The familiar and loved OLED screen that displays key information such as the amount of data used, speed of connection and length of browsing time, now allows users to see their Wi-Fi user name and password on screen at the touch of a button for faster pairing with new gadgets.

Aside from the new technical features, this MiFi comes complete with a cradle charger helping people get the best performance in the home.

David Kerrigan, head of mobile broadband at Three commented: “As the network operator leading the way with a nationwide HSPA+ network upgrade, we’re delighted to be bringing the first mobile Wi-Fi device with HSPA+ technology to the UK. As shown by USwitch’s speed test results announced today, people will be able to enjoy speeds of up to 5.9Mb , allowing faster downloads, seamless browsing and an all-round improved experience.”

Ernest Doku from uSwitch commented: “We couldn’t wait to get our hands on the UK’s first mobile Wi-Fi device with HSPA+ technology. It hasn’t disappointed. The speed test confirmed that this is one speedy little gadget. We got a consistent and strong download speed of 5.9Mb – that’s over 50% faster than Three’s previous MiFi. It also performed well when streaming content and web pages loaded noticeably faster. We look forward to seeing speeds get even faster as HSPA+ is rolled out across the country.”

PAYG customers can get the HSPA+ MiFi experience on Pay As You Go from £84.99 with an initial 3GB. It is also available on a range of monthly price plans starting from as little as £7.87 a month (with an upfront cost of £49.99 for the MiFi modem).

Key features:

  • Charging cradle
  • Internal Memory slot for micro SD card that supports up to 32GB
  • Approximately 4.5 hours battery life
  • Browser based dashboard to manage device and account (Windows, Linux, Mac)
  • Provides fast, secure Wi-Fi for up to five devices

* Three is aiming to have 80% of its network upgraded to HSPA+ by the end of this year, with the rest following soon afterwards.

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