MakeTheAirFair receives huge public support to urge Ofcom to curb BT’s dominance of the mobile industry

The campaign, led by Three UK with TalkTalk, CityFibre, Federation of Communication Services, Gamma and Relish, has come together to call on Ofcom to ensure lower prices, better speeds and a more competitive industry to benefit all UK customers.

Recently, the National Infrastructure Commission released a report which ranked Great Britain as 54th in the world in terms of 4G coverage, and the current imbalance of spectrum ownership only serves to worsen the issues that millions of consumers face on a daily basis.

Dave Dyson, CEO, Three UK, said: “The fact that so many members of the public have joined the MakeTheAirFair campaign and responded to Ofcom’s consultation shows that consumers are concerned about the massive imbalance in ownership of the nation’s airwaves. Our research, conducted in partnership with YouGov, has shown that over 60% of UK consumers fear that reduced competition between service providers will lead to increased prices. Ofcom needs to act on these concerns.

“UK mobile customers face higher prices, slower speeds and worse coverage in future. Ofcom has the power to change this and we want Sharon White to act decisively and put customers first.”




Notes to Editors

About Make the Air Fair 

The Make the Air Fair campaign is founded by Three UK and supported by TalkTalk, CityFibre, the Federation of Communication Services, Gamma and Relish.

The campaign calls on Ofcom to put a limit in place so that no one network can own more than 30% of the useable mobile airwaves after the upcoming auction. With campaign partners including Three Mobile, TalkTalk, the Federation of Communications Services and Cityfibre, “Make the Air Fair” calls on Ofcom to apply a cap of 30% on the total amount of mobile spectrum any one company can. This will create conditions where each operator has the ability to compete against each fairly.

For media enquiries, visit, email or contact +44 7460 679157.

*The research conducted by Three and YouGov, during October 2016, surveyed 2171 UK adults and explored consumer attitudes towards choice in the UK communications market.

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