Learn Spanish with Vinnie Jones

Former professional footballer and now Hollywood actor, Vinnie Jones, delivers a performance like never before today as he launches his own Spanish lessons aimed at Brits traveling abroad. The set of online tutorials provides useful phrases and has been launched by mobile network Three to help prepare holidaymakers ahead of their holidays this summer

The film sees Vinnie teach 16 helpful questions and sayings to allow the 13 million Brits who will travel to Spain this summer to get to grips with the basic local dialect. The tutorial can be seen here –

Teaming up with Three, the Feel At Home service will allow its customers to call, text and use the internet in Spain at no extra cost from April 1. The Hollywood star shows people how to make it from la playa to el bar, whether you’re flying off to Spain, Mallorca, Tenerife or Ibiza for a getaway.

If you’re looking for the beach, do not fear, Vinnie’s you’re man, “Cuánto por su mejor hidropedal mi amigo?” And if you’re looking for love, he’s also got it covered, “Podrías darme tu número?


Vinnie Jones said: “I’ve holidayed in Spain for years and you can’t beat it for sun, sea, sand and a few sangrias. Along the way I’ve managed to pick up a bit of the local lingo so it’s great to be able to share some with my fellow Brits and help them out as they prepare for their holiday. Hopefully with this and the new offering from Three, they’re going to have a blinding trip this year.”

Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pTmlR28lilk 

Vinnie Jones’ Essential Spanish Phrases


English: Hi, my name’s Vinnie, what’s yours?

Spanish: Hola, me llamo Vinnie, ¿ y tú?


English: Alright sunshine, how you keeping?

Spanish: Hola cielo, cómo te va?


English: Morning my friend, you seen the temperature today?

Spanish: Buenos días amigo, ¿has visto la temperatura hoy?


English: Which way to the beach? I need to sort my tan out

Spanish: ¿Por dónde se va a la playa? Tengo que ponerme más moreno.


English: Oi, come over here and get in this selfie mate

Spanish: ¡Eh, tío! Ven aquí para que salgas en este selfie.


English: Excuse me pal, can I have another beer please?

Spanish: Oye, ¿me das otra cerveza por favor?


English: Is it okay if I got your number?

Spanish: ¿Podrías darme tu número?


English: Wow, slow it down, I don’t speak much Spanish

Spanish: Uy, más despacio, que no hablo mucho español.

Tom Malleschitz, marketing director at Three, said: “Spain is one of the most popular holiday destinations for Brits and is a forthcoming addition to our list of countries where you can use your phone abroad at no extra cost. We therefore thought it would be great to give them a helping hand learning the lingo by recruiting one of our most famous Brits, Vinnie Jones, to give us all a fun Spanish lesson. So now customers can order a drink or take a selfie in Spanish before they take the picture and post it on Facebook!”

From April 1, 2015, Spain and New Zealand will join France, Switzerland, Israel, Finland, Norway, USA, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Macau, Australia, Italy, Austria, Hong Kong, Sweden, Denmark and Republic of Ireland, where the Feel at Home service is currently available.

It couldn’t be simpler and there are no catches. Just travel to a Feel At Home destination and it will automatically activate as soon as you touchdown in one of the 18 great places to visit. As soon as you arrive, your phone picks up a local network and you can then chat to family and text your friends back home, post status updates and share holiday snaps whenever you like. If you go out of bundle, you will still benefit from reduced roaming rates, a no brainer for the modern traveller.


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