It’s a puppet!

People out and about in Manchester Picadilly this morning were shocked to spot a giant, furry, purple statue in their usual path.

The impressive Wi-Fi powered installation at the busy shopping hot spot, is a 10ft replica of the leading star of Three’s latest campaign, Jackson the puppet. Passers-by will be able to connect to the internet for free via the giant Jackson, for four days from 26th-29th June, as part of the mobile network’s mission to make it right for the people of Britain, allowing everyone to receive a seamless mobile experience.

Jackson was introduced to our screens for the first time in Threes latest epic TV creation, which aired on Friday 5th June, and follows on from the viral successes of Dancing Pony and Sing It Kitty. It is already showing signs of similar stardom, being viewed by over 2m people on YouTube in its first week online.

The revolutionary puppet leader has been created by the world famous Jim Henson’s Creature Shop, renowned for inventing The Muppets.

Jackson’s statue is on a mini-tour of the UK; it has already visited London’s Southbank on 12th June and Birmingham on 19th June, making it right for even more people.

ToM Malleschitz, CMO at Three, commented: “Jackson’s been such a massive hit across the UK since the ad aired last week and so we wanted to take him to the people of Britain to create a buzz and make it right for them, with free Wi-Fi connection, to ensure they’re always connected. He’s a symbol for change and represents our mission to make it right in the mobile industry.

We’ve been rated the most reliable network in the UK by YouGov for calls, texts and data and we’re the only network that allows our customers to use their phones abroad at no extra cost in 18 destinations worldwide, call 0800 numbers for free and access 4G at no extra cost.”

Last year Three’s 2014 viral advert #SingItKitty became a global hit. The advert featured Starship’s power anthem, ‘We Built This City’, and turned a shared moment between a young girl and her adorably cute pet kitten into an epic journey that saw the duo belt out a powerful rendition of the song, whilst tearing up the cul-de-sac on a pink tricycle.


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