International Day of Sign Languages

Today (23 September) marks International Day of Sign Languages – a day to raise awareness of over 300 different sign languages used by more than 70 million people around the world.

The theme for this year is building inclusive communities for all, and it aims to encourage those who use sign, to feel connected to the wider society.

At Three, we are committed to connecting with every customer and creating an inclusive workplace for all. When speaking with our deaf/hard of hearing colleagues and customers, we understand it’s important to remember that not all of them will use sign language, instead, many use lip reading, or devices such as hearing aids or cochlear implants – this is why we find it best to ask what we can do to make communication easier for them.

Our new Three Customer Wellness Team offer accessible Customer Service to users of BSL and our retail colleagues have the languages they speak, including BSL, on their name badges. As well as this, our Discovery Team offer Accessibility sessions on different devices, including demos for those with hearing needs with a BSL interpreter.

Learning Sign Language

2022 has been a big year for sign language, with the passing of the BSL Act 2022, which recognises British Sign Language (BSL) as an official language here in England, Wales and Scotland. As a result of the new bill, more services are supporting BSL, including the 999 services, which now have BSL interpreters that can be accessed via video calls.

Last year we shared the British Sign Language alphabet with our employees, and this year we shared an app called ‘SIGN BSL’ which allows you to view a video dictionary of words. Join our employees today and download the app here to start learning.

Notes to Editors

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A women talking a selfie on her phone with short dark wavy hair wearing round glasses and a yellow top, signing ‘perfect’.

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