Huawei Y-Three 

The Huawei Y3 is now available to

buy in-store and online with Three. The Huawei Y3 is perfect for those who want
a fun, easy to use, basic mobile phone at a low cost.

The Y3 is available to buy
outright on Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) for just £49.99 with Three’s market-leading
rates of 3p per min, 2p per text and 1p per MB of data. Better still Three is
the only network where your credit doesn’t expire until you use the last penny,
even if that is several months after you have loaded it onto your account.

Alternatively, you can buy the Y3 on a 24 month
contract with Three with no-upfront cost. With varying price plans available, you
can get the phone for as little as £9 per month.


No matter whether you buy it on PAYG or on a contract,
you automatically get the mobile network’s Feel At Home service – which lets
you use your phone abroad in 18 destinations worldwide, including Spain,
France, USA and Australia, at no extra cost.


Also if you are a Three customer you can also sign up
for music streaming service Deezer, and get six months listening to your
favourite music absolutely free.


plans on Three are listed below or you can use the
to work out which suits you best:


Available on a 24 month contract with no
upfront cost and the option to sign up for 6 months free Deezer

Monthly Cost


Talk minutes


For who?





basic, low users that just like to stay in touch





that talk and text a lot and occasionally check Facebook or emails





browsing the internet and checking your email and social media every so often





those that love to chat, stay in touch with friends and their latest Facebook





those that constantly keep up to date on Facebook, Instagram and social media
sites. As well as using internet apps regularly or streaming a bit of Deezer
on the go

The phone boasts a compact and lightweight design. It

also features a great 5MP rear-facing camera with quick snapshot function, and
a selfie mode, making it ideal for catching special moments on the go. All the
while you can be confident you stay in touch without losing connection, as
Three has been voted the UK’s most reliable network by YouGov for the sixth
quarter in a row.


For full details and all available tariffs for the
Huawei Y3 on Three, please visit




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020 7234 9150  

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