Connectivity and flexibility deemed vital for the future of small businesses

New research from Three UK uncovers post-COVID opportunities


1st June 2021: With the pandemic bringing about significant changes to ways of working and consumer behaviours, many businesses have had to adapt. Conducted by Three UK, new research released today has uncovered the opportunities COVID-19 has presented both business owners and employees, as it launches its new offer for small businesses.

Findings show that the pandemic has accelerated the need for better connectivity and for flexible working to become the norm, rather than a privilege. Whilst many have been significantly impacted, the past year has allowed businesses to break free from traditional working models, with many declaring better technology and connectivity (49%), innovative ways of working (26%), and an increased focus in online presence (21%) as the recipe for success.

Connectivity has been key, with more than a third of UK employees (36%) continuing to work from home this year. Without the usual office chit-chat, keeping in touch with workmates has never been more important, with most workers claiming to feel ‘very connected’ to their colleagues (68%), as well as their managers (62%). Since the pandemic, colleagues have made more of an effort to stay connected and check in with each other (48%) and employers have adapted well to ensure staff are regularly communicating throughout the pandemic (40%).

In a clear trend towards small businesses adapting to new customer behaviours, 25% believe that ecommerce is their biggest opportunity with more consumers now online than ever. Adaptability has been vitally important with a third of businesses (34%) updating and introducing new technology to cope with the change. With many workplaces expected to reopen from July, the research shows that most employees would like to see more permanent changes – with over half (54%) asking for more flexibility and 45% would like more opportunity to work from anywhere they wish.

Commissioned by mobile network Three to mark the launch of its new Boundless Business offer, the research clearly demonstrates the need for better connectivity for all. Three’s Boundless Business deal offers unlimited calls and data SIM packs from just £5 each – up to five times cheaper than the other big network – to help keep businesses connected to their customers, and each other.

Mike Tomlinson, Managing Director of Business at Three UK, commented: “Over the past year we’ve been forced to live in a bubble, but business and commerce is about operating in a system. This is a significant moment for the business market, and small businesses in particular, to review their ways of working. Many will be considering what they have learnt, how customer behaviours have changed and how they can improve their business model moving forward.


“There is a long period of transition ahead for many of our business customers.  Our job at Three is to be there with flexible solutions under all circumstances. Keeping them connected, whether it’s in the office, remote working, at home, or in the cloud.  We can deliver the services to enable the new world.”




Three’s new Boundless Business Offer launches today, with huge savings – whether it’s for 5 or 50 employees. Each SIM is packed with unlimited data, calls and texts – for example:

  • 2 SIMs for £10 each
  • 5 SIMs for £7.50 each
  • 10+ SIMs for £5 each

To find out more about the offer visit or a local Three store.

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